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A beautiful beach in Kailua :)

A beautiful beach in Kailua 🙂

A little over a year ago we arrived in Hawaii.  Well, Oahu, to be exact. Our new home. FOR 2 more years!  This will be the longest we have ever lived anywhere since we were married in 2000. 🙂  This is our first time in this beautiful place.  And it IS beautiful.  Let me assure you.  Every day I see things that are so gorgeous, they seem like CGI.  (This is also how I felt the first time I saw Mt.Ranier in Washington…so pretty, it looked fake—also my first time ever seeing a real mountain…but I digress). The water here is Blue.  Seriously blue.  Everywhere.  I had never seen blue water in person before we arrived here.  It is mesmerizing!  I am from the South (Louisiana) and the water in the Gulf of Mexico is NOT blue.  It is brown..murky, warm and muddy looking.  I have also been to the beach in Savannah, GA…also not blue.  The water on the Washington shore is more greyish…and so very cold!  So this blue stuff is very much a novelty to me!  I don’t think I will ever get used to it.  I could stand there and stare at it all day, not to mention listen to the waves crashing.  It has always been a favorite of mine, especially since we lived in Monterey, CA.  I did mention that we move, A LOT, right? 😉

Before we got here, I was very anxious about moving and going somewhere new (which happens every time we have to move -about every 2 1/2 years).  But once I got here, holy cow.  The people have been exceptionally friendly, the food here is pretty yummy and the weather is very pleasant. Even during the summer the weather was mildish. We got lucky to get a house with air conditioning but even in houses without it, it isn’t horrible. When it says 90 put it feels more like upper 70s. Very different from the South! In Louisiana with the severe humidity, 90 would give you a heat stroke! Our two kids are loving this area!  Beaches, sand, trees they have never seen before, new animals (birds mostly – our daughter is obsessed with animals) and beautiful plant life.  I have posted a few pics on my Instagram (@knottedkitchen). We are very excited to be stepping into this new chapter in our lives.  I always love getting some where new and learning the culture and nuances of the area.  It takes time but is extremely interesting.  I am hoping that we will be able to move to Germany after this.  Germany is our end-all dream assignment.  We want to travel Europe in the worst way. 🙂

Does anyone have any tidbits about Hawaii to share?  Places to go or not to go? Things to do with the kids unique to the area?  Please feel free to share with me!  🙂  I would love to hear from ya’ll.

Beautiful sunset near Dillingham Airfield.

Beautiful sunset near Dillingham Airfield.


I am sitting here thinking and debating on what I should blog about next. I have talked to one of my best friends, who also blogs, about this in detail. I have also picked a few people’s brains with regards to this problem.  I live with anxiety and sometimes depression and it causes me to FREAK out about silly things.  I worry about whether or not I will be boring or be thought of as ridiculous for the things I post.  But I had an epiphany earlier…isn’t this place for me too?  I think that I should just chill the freak out and just post what I want to post. 🙂  Any thoughts?  

The other reason for my sabbatical was illness.  I have dealt with something since Oct/Nov of 2012.  I have been given three different diagnoses from three different doctors.  No one really knows why I am still suffering with it and no one really knows what it is exactly.  SO, I am just trying to keep pushing myself and try to get over it. Some doctors say that I have Labrynthitis, some say peripheral Vertigo, some say Vestibular neuritis.  I will not bore ya’ll with details but suffice it to say that I am walking on my own and I am slowly recovering.  It kind of sucks but it is sooo much better than it was last year.  

I signed up for this blog in August of 2012 and got sick right afterwards.  So, since I am feeling better and I am more lucid than I was, I am going to try to start blogging on a regular basis.  I don’t have any followers yet, but I am ok with that.  Maybe this will serve as a therapeutic release for me. 🙂  

If anyone does decide to read my posts, thank you and feel free to email or comment. 🙂  

Here is a website to give ya’ll an idea about what Labrynthitis is.