I wanted to start as far back as I could to show my beginnings.  So that if anyone out there was discouraged and thinking (Like I used to…and to be truthful, still do sometimes) that the works of others that have been decorating for years are intimidating and overwhelming….well, I just wanted to say that YOU HAVE TO START SOMEWHERE!

I have tried to always make my kids’ birthday cakes.  Sometimes it came out great, sometimes not so great.  These pics are of my kids’ birthday party in 2009.  I had made cakes before but they were nothing like these.  I didnt even realize that I could create stuff like this at home! Why on earth did I ever buy cake from the store?? My friend Christine introduced me to Wilton gel food colorings. I had seen them at the store but never looked twice at them.  I came up with the design and even back then, I drew out my design so I had something to look at for reference when I was panicking about the cake during the decorating process.

I’ll let you in on a little secret…listen closely!   Every single time I am in the middle of decorating, I panic.

*What if I mess up?
*What if they hate it?
*What if one of their guests is allergic to what I made?
*What if someone (me—clumsiest person I know) drops the cake before it gets there?
*What if when Im not looking, my kids take a chunk out of the cake?
*What if the colors are off?
*What if they take one look at it and say, OMG ARE YOU SERIOUS?? IS THIS WHAT YOU BROUGHT ME? 😦
*What if they say, “that’s not what I ordered!”
*Or I get the dreaded, “oh….its….cute. thanks.” (lower case to emphasis the horrible disappointed sound of their voice)

Those are just a few of the terrifying scenarios that run through my head any given day I am decorating! BUT, I havent ever recieved any of those comments from a client (Thank goodness….and uh, KNOCK ON WOOD-just for good measure).  Most of the time people are just happy that they didnt have to make the cake themselves and are happy to have the detailed little accents on the cake. 🙂

On this occasion, the clients were my children and they were exstatic to recieve cakes with their favorite things on them.

Ok, so I am not a great writer and I am not terribly witty, but I hope you enjoyed listening

.Gabe's bday cake 2009

So, for my first time, I think I did pretty well.  I didnt know anything about crumb coating or smoothing icing or buttercream.  I used the store-bought stuff for these.  (GASP!!!–unheard of in this house now!!)  Spongebob’s feet, arms and legs are made out of swiss rolls. 🙂


emilys bday cake 2009 close up

I could really tear this one apart listing its flaws but my baby loved it, so it was perfect!! 🙂