I have had this site for about 2 weeks and it has sat here blank. The pressure of writing a first entry was heavy. I wanted it to be witty and interesting! Sadly, wittiness is not my strong suit and I figured if I just sucked it up and posted something, I would get over the *1st time* nervousness.

So, here goes. πŸ™‚

Hi all! My name is Jamie! I am a mother of 2 quirky children who keep me busy! But in my spare time (what spare time??) I love to decorate cookies and cakes, do any kinds of crafts I can get my hands on, paint, draw and learn as much as I can about everything. Lol! I use *lol* and smiley faces all the time when Texting. I talk *a lot*. I love to help any of my friends any way I can. We move quite often and to tell you the truth, I kinda like it. I love to hang out with my family whenever I can. I love to workout (new found love….I have had 30 years of loving to eat to make up for! Lol) I *love* to cook and bake and I try to make new things all of the time. It works sometimes and sometimes it is a horrible failure. Ha! I have my friends and family mostly to thank for teaching me how to cook. When I got married, I could make Kraft macaroni and cheese and fish sticks. Lol! I’m sure my husband is thankful too!

Enough about me, if you would like to share with me things about you, I would love to hear. I welcome ideas, recipes and any help I can get!